Corporate Overview

POLIFILM PROTECTION laser films slot seamlessly into your laser cutting processes. They help you to deliver outstanding quality products to your customer. Your high quality finishes are fully protected during the entire laser cutting process and beyond. Our protection films ensure the complete integrity of your product throughout any finishing process. Whether CO₂ or fibre laser, Stainless Steel or Aluminium, structured or smooth surfaces – POLIFILM PROTECTION laser protection films cover them all. The perfect solution for every situation.

POLIFILM PROTECTION have CO₂ and fibre laser film solutions which meet all of these requirements and more. The film allows the laser beam to cut through the specially developed polyethylene films together with the sheet material simultaneously.The result: no need for pre-cutting.


Our Core Values

Goodwill and reputation are core to our business. We uphold honesty, integrity, professionalism and high level of business ethics. We observe prudence and fairness in dealings with our stakeholders.
We are diligent about understanding and fulfilling our customers needs. We strive to please our customers with excellence in quality and services. We listen to our customers and ‘go the extra mile’ to satisfy them.
We believe in mutual prosperity. We aspire to thrive in business while bringing progress and prosperity to our own people and communities where we operate. Our culture, our ideas, our practices, our environmental concern, and our team work lead us to creating superior values for people and communities around us.
We are passionate about meaningful innovation. We are a learning organization. We learn from our experiences and global best practices, and we innovate to create leading local solutions leveraging on world-class knowledge. We embrace positive change brought forth by innovation and aspirations to grow our business.
We cultivate talent and leadership to create sound business solutions, to best meet our customer needs, and to develop markets, people and shareholder value. We do so by optimizing use of funds, resources, materials, and technologies. We build prudence and cost-effectiveness in our leadership culture passing
on benefits to our customers.

Our Products

Protection of Automotive

Protection of Aluminium

Protection of Precoated Metal

Blown Stretch Films

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